Ugi 90 Day Challenge

Here's what Leona had to say about her Ugi Challenge experience...
"Thank you for putting this challenge out because it has changed my life! This challenge was very timely for me. I was ready for a change in my lifestyle and I didn't know where to start. The 90 day challenge gave me the motivation to move forward with my health goals. I immediately changed my eating habits and found the meal program easy to incorporate into my habits. The tricky part was getting used to the exercise routine but eventually I was accomplishing exercises that I thought were going to be impossible for me to execute for a full minute. Although some exercises became easier for me to do the program itself still held a level of difficulty that provided the challenge I needed so that I didn't get too comfortable (and potentially reaching a plateau). The classes in the studio were my favourite because it was a break from the regime I was using from the workout guide. Overall a fantastic experience that I would want to do again and again! I love my Ugi ball and the workouts still make me sweat (in a good way). I achieved almost all of my goals that I set out to achieve and more importantly I feel healthy. I haven't felt this good about my body in a really long time. The best part is that other people notice the change and I get a chance to encourage others to give the classes a try."
Leona McKay - Vancouver, BC

For 90 days the Ugi Challengers committed to 5x 30minute Ugi workouts per week while following the Ugi Guide to Good Eating. The challenge is now complete and the transformations were amazing. The challengers not only experienced weight loss and increased energy but an overall improvement in their fitness levels. Way to go everyone!

We hope all the new 'Ugi Addicts' continue to make healthy choices and try to include at least 30 minutes of fitness into their daily lives.

A challenge wouldn't be complete with a prize...

The winner of the Best Ugi Transformation received a prize package worth over $500 and includes:

  • Hair - Cut and colour by The Lounge Hair Studio
  • Makeup - Get glammed up by Hayley Miller
  • Complete closet over haul by Wear Else
  • Dinner - Fun night on the town at Sanafir

A big THANK YOU to our sponsors!