Ugi Fans

"The first time I tried Ugi with Sara, I could hardly pick up my son the next day! That's a good thing. Seriously, it was like consolidating a really tough and satisfying hour and a half workout into just 30 minutes. I felt the exact same results in a third of the time. It was challenging yet easy to follow. Ugi really attacks your core and makes you feel stronger almost immediately. I loved it!"
— Amanda Detmer, actress

"My shoulders hurt. My arm muscles hurt. My legs hurt. It was challenging and I'm a professional boxer. Ugi is a serious workout!"
— Junior Moar, Canadian Light Heavyweight Champion

"I am always looking to maximize the mind body connection through many different workouts and activities. Ugi was both challenging and rewarding, a great portable workout for the road!"
— Chantal Kreviaziuk, Juno Award winning Singer Songwriter

"I thought it was going to be a super chill morning workout. Ugi was embarrassingly hard! I was really surprised."
— Rob Short, Canadian Olympic Field Hockey Player

"My Ugi -- Iove it, use it in my own workouts and with clients. It's a fun alternative that is very versatile."
— Holly Perkins, Celebrity Personal Trainer LA

"A thirty minute UGI workout combines the most important components of a well rounded exercise session; cardio, core, strength, flexibility and balance. I would definitely recommend UGI to my clients to complement their physiotherapy exercises and to healthy individuals looking to prevent injuries."
— Michael Wall, Registered Physiotherapist MPT, BHK

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Memorial Day

Mad Dogg Athletics will be closed on Monday May 25, 2015 in honor of the Memorial Day holiday. Any orders placed after Friday 12pm will be processed on Tuesday May 26, 2015. Have a fun and safe holiday weekend.

– The Mad Dogg Athletics Team