Become a Ugi Affiliate

HOW it works?

  • Affiliates get a set commission for EVERY sale that is made through their site.
  • All you have to do is place a text link or banner on your site and when a customer clicks through and makes a purchase, you get a commission.
  • We offer free tracking tools, notification of specials/sales, free coupons and more for our affiliates.

What U get:

  • Our commission rate is 15% on each sale and our cookie duration is 45 days.
  • That means, you get a commission on any purchase made within those 45 days from that same customer, even if that customer goes directly to our site!
  • The cookie will still track that customer and credit you the sale! It’s that simple.


Why wait? Join now and start earning money right away through a partnership with us. The sign up process is very quick and easy and can be completed here.
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