U Can Teach Ugi!

Bring Ugi to your gym, small studio, or anywhere else U want to teach Ugi!

Ugi is versatile. portable. fun. challenging. addictive.

We've made it simple. There are 2 ways to use Ugi in your classes.

1. We'd love for you to teach a Ugi Class. In order to use the Ugi trademark and call it a "Ugi Class" you'll need to follow our 3 simple class guidelines:

  1. 30 minute workout
  2. 1 minute intervals
  3. Ugi is the only piece of equipment used

2. We also understand that you have your own great workout ideas and may want to feature the Ugi along with other equipment you enjoy. In this case please call it an "XYZ Class featuring the Ugi".

To get started:

  1. Order your Ugi Group Training System and however many additional balls you need.
  2. To qualify for extra perks and facility discounts, drop a line to our Education Department at 1-800-530-3501.
  3. For future exclusive offers, training tools and updates drop us a line at customerservice@ugifit.com, telling us a bit more about yourself and your facility goals.
  4. Get ready to have fun!