The Ugi Effect

Need inspiration and motivation?

Check out these great Ugi success stories and see what the Ugi Effect had on real people who love their Ugi!

"I am happy to write about my success with Ugi. 7 weeks ago I committed to doing the Ugi 30 minute workout 5 days a week and to start eating in a more healthy way with a goal of losing 10 pounds. I mostly do the workout at home, and have been taking a weekly class with Ugi creator, Sara Shears. I am happy to say I have met my goal, but even happier to say that because it has been so manageable to work Ugi into my day, I know I have made an overall lifestyle change that I have been wanting to do for a while and I feel is sustainable.

I have spent the last few years going for the occasional jog, trying a fitness class with a friend, going to the gym very sporadically, or mostly just being pretty inactive. Nothing ever 'clicked' with me and I never saw any results. Ugi works for me because: it is 30 minutes, I only need the ball, no fancy shoes or workout gear, and I can do it anywhere. So basically, no more excuses. I have 2 young children at home and 30 minutes is a reasonable amount of time they can entertain themselves, or watch or show, or watch me Ugi (they can be my best cheerleaders!). I also appreciate that Ugi is a whole body workout: core, cardio and strength. Once those 30 minutes are over, that's it. There is no other exercise hanging over my head. I'm not thinking that I should get a run in, or go lift some weights.

In regards to eating healthier, Sara helped me realize that I would have a lot more success meeting my goal if I put healthy eating & exercise together. She was right and I was surprised at the progress I made with relatively few changes. Some of the changes I made included less snacking after dinner, watching my portion sizes, being more conscious about getting enough protein, and making better choices about 'treats'. For me, my morning coffee with cream and a glass of wine while cooking dinner weren't sacrifices I was willing to make, so I made healthier choices other times in the day and made sure I got my workouts in. Because I wasn't completely omitting things from my diet or having to eat different meals than the rest of my family, again I know I can continue with this healthier lifestyle. I am appreciative to Ugi and to Sara for finally helping me achieve a healthier version of myself."
~ Janet, Tsawwassen BC

"I wanted to write and tell you how excited and happy I am with my Ugi purchase! I began to use Ugi 5x a week using 1/2 the daily CD so a 15 minute workout 8 weeks ago and I couldn't be happier! I haven't missed a day (other than the weekends) in the 8 weeks which is something I've never done before!!
Combining Ugi with Weight Watchers (where I first heard about Ugi in their weekly newsletter) I'm down 15 lbs and more than 16cm!!
I have a lot of weight to lose so have found it necessary to modify some of the exercises to fit my size and lack of strength but each week I am seeing improvements! Some exercises I couldn't do at all the first week I'm able to do now; often not for the full minute but that will come with time.
Thank you for your great product!! I love that I'm able to use Ugi in my home, in a small space and in a way that fits my needs perfectly! The 1 minute intervals are great for someone who is out of shape and needs reasonable goals to reach for. I truly can't say enough wonderful things about your product and have shared my Ugi love with others.
Thank you!!"

~Catherine, Oshawa ON (a Ugi convert!)

"Ugi has had an impact on every aspect of my life. I feel better. I look better. My clothes fit better. I am able to ski and hike and snowshoe and garden and chop wood and do all sorts of things for longer and harder stretches. My recovery time after strenuous exercise has dropped to nothing. I've been trying to Ugi five days a week since May of 2011 and I'm well on my way to my goal of a six pack by May of 2012. Where there was flab there is now ab."
~ Matthew, Squamish BC

"At first I found the fitness challenge quite difficult. I was in complete denial of my fitness level! I knew I wanted to lose weight, but didn't really know how to get started. A friend of mine had enrolled in the UGI challenge and told me about so I thought "why not"! The first week and a bit was difficult, I was very sore! My arms felt like T-Rex arms, being unable to unfold they were so tender! It was definitely a great help to be part of a challenge because it forced me to do it! I was accountable to myself but also to the others at the class on Saturdays! If I didn't stick to it, I wouldn't improve and I just couldn't do that! An ego thing I suppose!! Being part of the UGI challenge taught me that I can be disciplined, not perfect, but disciplined! Within 3 weeks I was feeling stronger and I started to get comments about my appearance! Exercises got easier, but not the workouts! As you get stronger, you can do more of each exercises and that's when the cardio kicks in! I have a better form and I am stronger but it only means that I can work harder! It's great! I have lost pounds and inches and all it took was about 2 and a half hours a week!!"
~ Marie-Louise, Vancouver, BC

"Thank you... for making me believe that I had the strength, courage and will power to face my fears and achieve my goal... for showing me a better way to eat and exercise, and providing me with the encouragement to challenge myself. Thank you for providing me with an amazing full body program that constantly continues to kick my ass. Thank you for starting me on a lifelong plan to improve my lifestyle and health and attitude towards including exercise in my life. Thank you for letting my use your plan, knowledge, resources and expertise for free! I will be forever greatfull. I will continue to spread the Ugi love far and wide. Now off for a workout!"
~ Christine, Vancouver, BC

"I love my UGI but am only 2 weeks in. I like that I can do it at home at my own pace. It is a solid workout that makes me feel strong all over. The routines are varied enough that I am not bored. The workouts are not something that I dread doing and I can do them on a 6 x 6 yoga mat in the playroom while the kids do their thing. Totally working for me!"
~ Heather