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Marilyn Denis Show
Fresh Fitness Equipment

New Fitness Products for 2015
Fitness expert, Samantha Montpetit-Huynh, shows us some new fitness equipment to help with our fitness and weight loss goals this year.
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Get Fit {Super Sculptors}

Roll away flab
Stop staring at those soft medicine balls and pick one up already! These hybrids between hard-rubber and stability balls can save your workout routine this season—in under 30 minutes!
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Pelvienne Wellness
Fitness Doula Blog

UGI for Diastasis
Being a personal trainer means I am always putting together exercise programs for my clients. I know a lot of exercises and I can put together great programs but when it comes to my own workouts, sometimes I don’t want to have to think about it and truth is, neither do my clients – they want something quick and effective that they don’t have to think about. My clientele though, is one that needs a lot of modifications because they are dealing with diastasis recti and/or pelvic floor challenges.

CEO India
Wonder Workouts

15 Fitness Routines Trending Right Now
Edgy-looking vibrating blades, martial arts based moves, elements from ballet and surfing, and even alphabets and animals serving as inspiration... Clearly there's nothing routine about these workouts from around the globe that are putting the fun back in fitness. Though many of these might not be available here just yet, here's a quick lowdown on each to help you zero in on which one you want to sign up for, when they do hit town
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Try These New Health Crazes Instead...

Ugi Ugi Ugi
Move over Zumba, it's time to embrace UGI. This brand new 30-minute class not only involves balancing on a 15in beanbag-style ball, but it also combines strength exercises and cardio with core training in what's being billed as one of the most effective new classes to roll out around the UK this summer. Go to
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ABC 7 Eyewitness News
UGI Ball is Modern Twist on Medicine Ball

The medicine ball has gotten a style makeover. It's no longer the ancient fitness tool you may think of. The modern version is called a 'Ugi' ball, which stands for 'u got it.' Fitness experts say the ball is very versatile. Watch Food and Fitness Coach Lori Corbin's report above from Eyewitness News.

Mirror/Mirror Episodes
UGI Workout

Imagine taking a fitness class that's colorful, fun, effective and fast? Well, now you can with UGI. "UGI stands for 'U Got It!' It's 30 exercises for 30 minutes with one piece of equipment," describes Master Instructor Brooke Hayward.

The 15 Next Big Fitness Trends

Two years of research went into developing the deceivingly simple-looking Ugi ball, which combines the squish of a beanbag with the bounce of a stress ball. Using the 15-inch prop, you’ll complete a 30-minute routine that involves strength, cardio, and core training for a full-body workout that’s both functional and fun. The versatile tool, along with its accompanying at-home DVD system, provides everything you need to stick to your workouts, get results, and achieve your fitness goals.

Salma Hayek Diet Plan Workout Routine

Salma Hayek has the most enviable bodies in the Hollywood. She has the exact ideal measurements of 36-24-36 inches, what most men desires of. She now lives in France with her french businessman husband Francois-Henri Pinault. She recently revealed her diet plan secrets.

5 tools to get flat abs faster

October 15, 2013 – Flat abs are a dream for many women, but it’s important to remember that a strong core is essential to a healthy lifestyle. “We have no idea how important it actually is,” says health editor Laurie Jennings. It helps to create a firm base of support for virtually all movement. Think about it, you’re using your core muscles for everything, from reaching a shelf, to lifting a child, and even when sponging that pesky spot off the floor. Your core enhances your balance and stability, stabilizes the spine and reduces back pain. Are you convinced? Here are 5 tools to get flat abs faster:

Club Industry
Ugi Fit Announces New Instructor Training Program

July 9, 2013 – Ugi Fit is pleased to announce its new instructor training program. Created by celebrity trainer Sara Shears, Ugi Fit is a high-intensity interval workout combining core, strength and cardio into a fun and challenging 30-minute workout performed using the unique Ugi ball. Recently acquired by Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc., a leader in the fitness industry, the new training is the only one of its kind and teaches instructors a valuable and challenging programming skillset.

Paris Glamour
C'est dans le mag: Canon (à la cool)

April 9, 2013 – Un ballon Pas seulement. Ugi, c’est le bon tuyau pour se muscler at home. Explication. Développé au Canada, l’Ugi (pour U got it) a la taille d’une medecine ball, le poids d’une medecine ball, mais le moelleux d’une boule anti-stress. Assise dessus, on gaine ses abdos en profondeur et en douceur, debout en équilibre, on se bétonne les gambettes, en la tenant à bout de bras, on tonifie nos triceps de chauve-souris… Renforcement + cardio + gainage profond, c’est le ballon qui a tout bon. Hélas, il n’existe pas encore de cours en France mais des entraînements de trente minutes sont disponibles sur YouTube, Ugifit’s.

Pack Ugi + DVD + programme diététique + calendrier, 169€. Ugi seule, 100€. Disponibles sur Appli Ugi gratuite sur mobile.

Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc. Acquires the Ugi™ Brand

April 9, 2013 - Mad Dogg Athletics, Inc., a global leader in equipment-based fitness education and the parent company of Spinning®, Peak Pilates®, Bodyblade® and Resist-A-Ball®, announced today the acquisition of the Ugi™ brand and select assets from Ugi Fitness, Inc., a Vancouver-based fitness company.

Mad Dogg Athletics will provide business experience, operational resources, and marketing support that will help expand sales, International distribution, brand awareness, and programming and trainings for Ugi.
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Former lululemon athletica Controller, Dave Andru joins UGI Fitness Inc. as CFO and acting CEO

June 19, 2012 - UGI Fitness Inc. is happy to announce that Dave Andru, CMA has joined the company as CFO. Mr. Andru will also assume the role of Acting CEO in the absence of the company's current CEO and co-founder, Deb Karby, who is on a temporary medical leave.

UGI is a local fitness company start up that has appeared on the CBC's Dragon's Den and has been named one of the Globe and Mail's "...favourite small businesses of 2011".

Mr. Andru has over 18 years of progressively senior accounting and finance roles. Most recently, he worked with lululemon athletica inc. for seven years as the company grew from 9 stores to over 140 stores and from $23M revenue to over $650M. Mr. Andru was a key member of the finance team as the company completed a private equity deal in 2005 that crystallized over $100M of value for the owner and subsequently led to a successful IPO on the NASDAQ and TSX stock exchanges in 2007
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The Globe and Mail
YEAR IN REVIEW - "Our favourite small businesses of 2011"

December 28, 2011 - Ugi Fitness Inc: This company offers a new way to get in shape by using a squishy ball that improves the effectiveness and efficiency of just about any core training exercise. Imagine doing a push-up with your feet resting on a partially inflated medicine ball and you'll get the idea. It's also the business we chose for a 'reality' series to work through its challenges for several weeks with columnist John Warrillow.

Winnipeg Free Press
"She's Havin a Ball" - Former Winnipegger, partners hoping to get Dragons' Den investors to boogie with their fitness Ugi

June 6, 2011 - Melanie Finkleman's heart raced as she stood in the Dragons' Den.

The former Winnipegger and her two business partners were actually taping an episode of CBC's hit show on which entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to some of the country's most successful business moguls.

The Vancouver Sun
"Need a new workout? U Got It" - Ugi is a 30-minute whole-body exercise routine that uses a single piece of equipment

May 9, 2011 - Juggling family engagements, job deadlines and personal sanity on a day-to-day basis can be a workout in itself, but thanks to a group of Vancouver women, there's a new way to get - or stay - in shape even when your schedule is conspiring against you.

Local entrepreneurs Sara Shears, Debra Karby and Melanie Finkleman have developed a 30-minute workout called Ugi...

"Work Out, Have a Ball: What’s a Ugi?"

March 30, 2011 - Barbells and lunges? Yawn. There are only so many DIY ways to get a good workout without leaving your living room. Now, there’s one more. Move over kettlebell and TRX; make way for the Ugi ball.

Best Health Blog
"I tried it: Ugi at Home"

March 29, 2011 - At seven o'clock this morning, I was standing in the living room of my apartment, holding what can only be described as the combination of a stability ball, medicine ball and beanbag chair. I was ready to Ugi.

Fresh Fitness Tips - "What's a Ugi Ball? Three moves that'll make you want one"

March 28, 2011 - You'll be ready to show-off your curves in a two-piece this summer after working out with the Ugi ball. This fun new fitness tool, which has the squish of a beanbag and the bounce back of a stress ball, lets you do versatile moves that have the power to change your body head-to-toe.

"Ugi Ball: The Best Fitness Tool You're Not Using (Yet)"

March 4, 2011 - We want to give the Ugi ball a big hug — and not just because it's a squishy bean-bag-meets-stress-ball. This weighted ball (in 6, 8, 10 and 12-lb. versions) provides a total-body "express" workout with 30 moves in 30 minutes (all detailed in a guide and DVD). Says Sara Shears, who designed the Ugi with two other busy moms: "I wanted to create a single piece of equipment that would give core, strength and cardio training all in one, all in half an hour.

Jewish Independent
"Not Just Any Old Ball"

February 11, 2011 - Most of us have probably come up with at least one improvement to an existing product or even a brand new invention that would rock the world, if we actually followed through on it. Well, Sara Shears, Debra Karby and Melanie Finkleman have followed through and, last summer, they launched Ugi at a fitness convention in Los Angeles.

Cooking Light
"The Best Fitness Gear and Gadgets"

February 9, 2011 - Fitness trends—and all the stuff that comes with them—come and go, but every year there are some standout products that are truly effective. Dive into our top 15 that promise to deliver results (and do more than collect dust).

1. The Ugi
Why we like it: We’ve seen medicine balls and stability balls, but this plush, weighted workout tool (picture a mix of half-beanbag/half-oversized stress ball that comes in 6-lbs, 8-lbs, 10-lbs, and 12-lbs versions) is an entirely unique exercise experience.
"Have a ball with this new workout"

January 27, 2011 - I’ve got a new favorite workout device: the Ugi (pronounced yoo-gee, with a hard “g” as in “girl”). I’ve never seen anything quite like it. It’s about the size of a beach ball but squishy and heavy at the same time. You can swing it, hold it, toss it, balance your hands and feet on it, let your 4-year-old sit on it while she watches Sesame Street—you get the picture.

Breakfast Television
"Greg Gets Ugi Fit"

January 25, 2011 - Greg Harper was at Studeo 55 getting Ugi fit with trainer Sara Shears. A new, innovative workout program that only takes 30 minutes, and is being touted by celebrities as the program of choice.

Fitness Test Drive
"Ugi: The Fitness Industry's Newest Weighted Ball"

January 25, 2011 - What It Is: Think of the weighted Ugi ball as a souped-up version of a medicine ball. At 15 inches in diameter, it’s bigger than a med ball and more versatile, too, because of its squish factor (which makes it wobble when you lean, kneel or stand on it). Working out Ugi-style is sort of like carrying around a really heavy beanbag.
"Total Body Toner - Blast Mega Calories Fast at Home with Ugi"

January 17, 2011 - We want to workout every day. Really, we do. But when we look out our window to see the snow falling and trees rustling in the wind, we find ourselves making up excuses for why a cardio kick is completely unnecessary (we took the stairs at work, we had our afternoon tea, sans cookie, a new episode of How I Met Your Mother is on)...
"Body Building - The ideal shape has shifted constantly over the years. So what does fit look like now?"

January 14, 2011 - Christina Hendricks, the curvaceous actress who plays bombshell-with-brains Joan Harris on the series “Mad Men,’’ went looking for red carpet dresses last year with mixed results.

Urban Rush
"Sara Shears of UGI Fitness on Urban Rush"

January 7, 2011 - Sara Shears CEO of UGI Fitness INc, demonstrates the new UGI finess ball on Shaw TV's Urban Rush with Michael Eckford and Fiona Forbes.
"Get Fit Bit by Bit"

January 4, 2011 - We're not big on resolutions if they add more to our to-do list, but it’s only natural this week to give some thought to our post-holiday fitness level—especially if you’re addicted to shortbread; like some of us...

Health & Wellness
"Fitness Toys for the New Year"

December 8, 2010 - Have you ever looked forward to an event because you found the perfect outfit for it? The same motivation works for exercise. A new set of workout tunes, the latest fitness gadget or a cool pair of kicks adds fun and keeps you going.