Choose the right Ugi for U.

Ugi works on a combination of strength, core and cardio. The exercises are functional in nature, utilizing your full range of motion, which means the workout creates long, lean muscles. Ugi is a challenging workout. Listening to your body, working at your own pace, and following the modifications will help you make your Ugi workout your own. Progression comes with practice and there are endless ways to find new challenge in the workout.

To find the right Ugi, just pick the category that best describes you, then choose your Ugi weight based on whether you're male or female.

Are you new to exercise or haven't done much of anything over the past 10 years?
Male: 8lb
Female: 6lb

Back in action-ers
Were you really into sports "way back when," but haven't exercised in a while?
Male: 8-10lb
Female: 8lb

Do you currently workout once or twice a week, and do a combination of cardio and strength training?
Male: 10lb
Female: 8-10lb

Do you currently workout at least twice a week and use at least a 10-pound weight for a bicep curl? Are you looking for a new challenge?
Male: 12lb
Female: 10lb

If you are still unsure about what Ugi ball is right for you, drop us a line at telling us a bit more about yourself, your exercise habits and goals, and we'll help out where we can.

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