Ugi Pro Package

Ugi Pro Package

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The Ugi® Pro Package is the perfect starter kit to get you up and running teaching Ugi Fit classes in your gym, small studio, or anywhere U want! Ugi Fit is a 30-minute functional workout that makes people feel good about their bodies, energy and health.

What U get:

  • • Four Ugi Balls—one of each weights and color (6 lb purple, 8 lb pink, 10 lb turquoise, 12 lb green)
  • • Savings of $87!

With the Ugi Pro Package U get all four weights and colors. Each Ugi ball is 15" in diameter, with the squish of a beanbag and the bounce of a stress ball. It is the first of its kind and is the perfect tool for use in stability, strength and endurance training. Ugi balls are hand-stuffed with a combination of recycled rubber and an exclusive polyester fiberfill that maintains shape and elasticity, and are covered with a highly durable, wax-coated, poly vinyl material.

If U wish to purchase five or more Ugi balls, please contact our commercial sales team for special pricing and support: 1-800-530-3501

Ugi® Fit Program

Do you want to challenge and engage your members with a workout that delivers the versatility and efficiency that everyone wants? U got it! With the Ugi® Fit 30-minute workout, you can challenge your members and learn new programming skills. Ugi Fit can also be integrated into nearly any class or workout, regardless of age, gender, fitness level, training goals or location.


About Ugi® Instructor Training

Transform your fitness business with the distinctive 15-inch, "squishy" Ugi ball and workouts. Whether your programming is targeted toward groups, individual clients, or yourself, the Ugi ball and exercises will evolve with U!

During the six-hour training you will lean over 100 exercises using the Ugi® ball as well as how to build workouts for group fitness classes, small group trainings and individuals.


Course Objectives:

  • Discover the Ugi philosophy and medicine ball history
  • Learn how to lead a Ugi Fit 30-minute workout using effective cueing and coaching
  • Integrate Ugi into various fitness systems such as functional and barefoot training
  • Utilize new programming techniques and strategies
  • Explore a range of strength, cardio, core and flexibilty exercises using the Ugi ball and how to incorporate Ugi with other equipment
  • Create customized routines

Recommended Experience

Group fitness, personal training or basic knowledge of exercise science is recommended, but not mandatory. As always, it's recommended to obtain CPR/AED/First Aid certifications prior to teaching classes or individuals.


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