The Ugi® ball is a modern twist on the old school medicine ball. It’s weighted, squishy and beautiful. The squish factor and its stylish design are what make it unique.

The Ugi ball is versatile enough for the smallest living room, the busiest gym or the largest outdoor park.

The Ugi ball works as a functional fitness training tool because it challenges the exerciser to use entire muscle groups at one time. Something as simple as a game of toss links dozens of muscles working together to adjust to the ball’s flight and unpredictable path.


The Medicine Ball: The ball that won’t die

Medicine ball training is one of the oldest forms of strength and conditioning training.

The first reference was nearly 3000 years ago in Persia where wrestlers used sand filled bladders as a training tool.

In ancient Greece the physician Hippocrates had balls sewn out of animal skins and stuffed with sand. His patients threw them back and forth for injury prevention and this is how the term “medicine ball” got its name!

Medicine balls used to only come in one style: large and leather. Now, as proof of their reborn popularity they can be found in every imaginable size, style, shape and colour.

After years of personal training, group class instruction and program design, Sara Shears wanted to develop a product and program that would allow people to get a functional workout at home or on the go. She felt that hoisting weights on a bar controlled by a machine although user friendly and an efficient way to build muscle mass and fundamental strength it lacked the dynamic elements of balance, explosion and sport specific movements gained from functional training. Sara searched for a piece of equipment that would be suitable for use anywhere and would incorporate strength, cardiovascular and core stability training.

One day while at the gym Sara saw an individual working out with an old school medicine ball. The seam had split. Later she walked over to the ball, picked it up, and realized that the “squish” of the torn ball made it perfect for balancing on. AH HA! The idea of the Ugi ball was born!

It’s weighted, you can balance on it and it’s portable. Next came the development of a program that would allow people the opportunity to experience the style and quality of training you might get from a group class or personal training session.